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[music] the >> a man is dead tonight following an officer involved shooting aubrey aquino is live on the scene where officials are conducting their investigation to see exactly what happened this afternoon. >> the 90 year-old shooting victim was pronounced dead at just after 7:00 p.m. this evening at hospital. the police say that it started right here behind me at the intersection of oakdale and third. they say that he was detained and took off running and lead to officers on foot chase for about one block when shots were fired by the suspect. if it was then that the police shot back. >> if someone runs from the
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police and fires at them with a firearm, the officers are entitled to shoot back in self-defense. >> it took place about 4:44 p.m. saturday afternoon witnesses say the situation started when the victim fell to present a muni card, but and they believe he was unharmed. >> i only saw shots going ford i did not see any shots going backward. >> he got down on his knees and started shooting like that. >> several dozen vehicles responded to the scene. police have been canvassing the scene this entire evening they just packed up a short while ago. there were looking in garbage cans, rooftops, they blocked off the entire block and so far they have not found a weapon. again, just to recap, a 90 year-old is dead this hour following an
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officer involved shooting that started on the muni platform in bay view. >> hayward police are talking with witnesses trying to determine a motive in the killing of oscar grant best friend. we talked with grant's uncle as the officials conducted their investigation. >> the saga of the oscar grant death on new year's eve 2009 took another tragic return when his best friend who was with him on that platform was shot at a gas station in hayward. hayward police say that he was sitting in a park car just after 5:00 p.m. friday night when i least one suspect approach and fired several rounds before running away. >> they were both at the bart station and now oscar is gone now he is gone, it is sad, it hurts. >> mourners signed a makeshift memorial. >> i asked the question
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when does it end? >> his uncle who was a spokesman for the family was the first to pay his respects. >> here we are, standing today looking at this picture, very similar to the picture that he presented to me for oscar. >> the tragedy that seems to follow what happened at the fruitvale parts station troubles them as they deal with another death of those involved in the events of 2009. >> there's nothing wrong that he was doing in the past two years especially active in the death of oscar. he was in school, he was being a father he was spending time with the family. >> the hayward police to not believe that the shooting was random although a motive has not been determined. they hope someone will come for to help find the killer. >> out my hope is that if anyone knows what happened to john (inaudible) (inaudible) and they come
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forward and provide that information. a young man was shot while sitting in his vehicle weight on his friend to meet him. >> he leaves behind two young sons, he was 25 years old. >> family and friends held a vigil to remember caldwell at the hayward gas station where he was shot this evening. >> family friends and even strangers tell hand to honor a young man that they say died too soon. someone took johnou 's life, and these people came together to celebrate his life. >> he was just loving it came to the house he was say hello auntie. he was just the most perfect young man. >> his sister broke down during the vigil as friends
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remembered a young man that try to better his life. one of his aunt said that he was attending, it should become an electrician. >> he loved life he wanted to succeed. >> they say his life revolved around his two young sons to use the hearing he was raised by a single mother and he wanted to make sure that his kids were well taken care of. >> he wanted to be a positive role model, he wanted to be the dad that his dad was not for him. >> the family says they want justice for the 25 year-old father. >> he was a great father, my brother was i supposed to go and whoever knows anything to come forward. >> he sued for $5 million after a bart police officer shot and killed his friend oscar grant. this is video of him in 2009 morning his friend's death. >> a lot of fog pushing into the bay. visibility's
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are low at the coast and in san francisco quarter mile or less in some places. the fog as quickly surging inland. temperatures will cool, only in the '60s and '70s. the warmest place is antioch in fairfield. have here is the view from mt. tam earlier. a lot of fog coming from off of the ocean. cool temperatures, we will see the fog moving all the way in for tonight. it is already out towards livermore. it will not take much longer for to go all the way inland. clearing will be slow for the morning hours. mostly sunny afternoons with some exceptions for the coast and mild temperatures. fifties at the ocean, 60s by the bay, or perhaps a few
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places of wealth and land like antioch and brentwood may reach 80 degrees. hallie know how much longer the cool weather will stick around coming up. >> this coming monday, will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run america has talent which will be followed by law and order criminal intent. kron4 news will air at 10:00 p.m. that is monday on kron4.
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>> son car did it residence a loss angeles have to be more creative been around this weekend. that's because the shutdown of a large freeway kicked off this morning. >> the shutdown of a titmouse stretch of the highly travelled 405 highway it turned itself in the name,... but the
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transportation department says... >> the warning that we put out has been very successful people have been staying away from the area which has allowed us to progress on a private very nicely. >> that includes demolishing a bridge and adding car pool lanes. the mayor says that he realizes the challenges that the city faces. >> we are the single passenger car capital of the usa. >> they launched an awareness campaign to make people aware to make alternate plans during this period >> the media has done an outstanding job of getting the word out, traffic was extremely light so we were able to get the construction done early. >> usually, this carries about 500 cars per day authorities say that it will be open in time for monday
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morning rush hour. >> democrats and republicans have been trying to hammer out a deal on the debt for weeks with no luck. coming up will take a look at the debt crisis and what is it risk if it comes and goes without a solution. >> a lot of fog in the bay area and some cool temperatures out how the forecast coming up.
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>> democrats and republicans have been negotiating a deal for weeks but there still no agreement president obama used his weekly on my address to speak out and bring it down to the american people and the republicans were quick to fire back. >> i am willing to do it takes to solve this problem even if it is not politically popular and i expect leaders in congress to show that same willingness to compromise. the truth is, you cannot solve our deficit without cutting spending but you also cannot solve it without
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asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share or without taking on loopholes that gives special interest and big corporations tax breaks that middle-class americans denied it. >> the solution is not tax increases yet washington has consistently demonstrated that it cannot control its urge to spend. that is why the only long-term solution is a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> if the borrowing limit is not increase by august 2nd the u.s. may not be able to pay all of its bills. now rupert murdoch takes on a new tone before he faces the british parliamentary on tuesday. >> british newspaper readers will up to an apology from rupert murdoch who published a letter that said we are sorry. we regret not acting faster to sort things out. i realize that simply apologizing is not enough. this is all about
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the phone hacking scandal part of the apology included on friday he met privately with the family of a teenager milly who was murdered in 2002 there were allegations that one of his newspapers hacked into her phone before was found out that she was murdered. also on friday, the editor of the wall street journal resigned as did rebecca m. brooks, the center of this allegation she resigned as the head of news international. on tuesday, rupert murdoch james murdoch and rebecca broke are expected to appear before a parliamentarian committee to look talk about the hacking which can only be described as a grilling. >> and world news tonight they became known around the world for their harrowing experiences of survival the 33 chilean miners that were trapped for months are now suing the government of chile. included, more than
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half a million dollars for each minor. the senate is not against the chilean president but against the state that allowed the conditions that led to the accident. hugo taught this could be on his way to cuba for more cancer treatment he spent most of june and cuba to have a where a tumor removed, we do not know what kind of the word is that he could leave as early as today. lawmakers approved his travel there. they said the next phase includes radiation and chemotherapy. this is a part of a burning television tower collapsing in the northern part of the netherlands. we're not quite sure what caused the collision of the crash, it interrupted tv and mobile phone through out the area fortunately no one was hurt. >> in indonesia, smoke climbed high into the sky this volcano began spewing out ash on thursday night no
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report of injuries but the authorities are still accessing the damage in the area. >> there is a low visibility all around the bay area especially san for cisco and at the coast. temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. walnut creek 62 degrees, hayward at 62, there are a few storm systems out in the pacific. those are rotating into the bay area this means cool temperatures. we will have sickle fog--thick fog and now temperatures. that means there will be chilly weather at the beaches. wends west 20, to 30 mph. we will see some cool temperatures inland as well only into the
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60s showing fog pushing inland for tonight and livermore. also in the concord area as well as north bay. it will take some time to clear through the morning hours. you will see at 7:00 p.m.-seven-8 in we have your fog all around the bay area and then as we go in it will slowly cleared out. by 10:00 a.m. we have fog at the coastline. by the early afternoon we see the clouds breaking away from the bay and maybe even some clearing at the ocean as well. we will see high temperatures in the '60s and '70s for sunday. napa 74 degrees, vallejo 70. sunshine increasing for the afternoon hours. a high of 72 degrees in palo alto, '60s for the east bay, 70 union city, fremont 71 in
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the warmest place is our inland. you're in the upper 80s around nine these at this time of year but instead it just mid-70s once again. look for reading is to top out to the low to mid '70's in here is your seven day around the bay. those temperatures remain on the cool side for this coming week. not much in the way of change. look for high as in the upper 60s and low '70s of bayside. a lot of fog and strong sea breeze for the next couple of days. he eventually a slow warming trend as we get into the end of the coming week by thursday and friday look for '70s by the bay. possibly readings in the upper 80s and low 90s. >> the taste for expensive wine may have foiled an art thief we will show you what led police to the suspect in the picasso art heist. and how the parents of a murdered oakland mall are
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then the man accused of stealing a picasso is sitting in jail without bail set at $5 million. he pleaded not guilty of this surveillance shows him at a new store in new jersey this and he walked out of the store stealing more than $6,000 worth of wine. there is suspicion that he hit it in his clothing. this week the police found 11 pieces of artwork that were stolen including and other picasso. we spoke with the gallery who was picasso was stolen. >> prior to this, i cannot tell you the last time that a piece of artwork was stolen from many gallery in new york city. >> william ledford is the owner of the picasso that was found in mr. lugo
9:26 pm
apartment. along with 10 others. >> none of our surveillance victim up. >> he did not even realize that it was stolen for one day. >> it is ready common for us to have our work off of the wall to really if it is being shown in one of our private viewing rooms or if it is being photographed as a picasso pictures were being photographed that day. >> when he looked into how the picasso could of been taken he found problems with his security system. >> we realize that if you hug the wall in a particular way, you could get downstairs and into the picasso show that we have going on downstairs and back up without anybody noticing. >> as to how these managed to get out is still unclear. asked to hallie guy into his apartment with the collection and other stolen works, also known.
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>> everyone has shopping bags he could walk in with a bag in his hand and then sealed it up and left. that is a possibility. >> j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> an officer involved shooting in san francisco we will go back out live on for an update. based on documents taken from osama bin laden compound president obama was the target of an attack we will show you what they were planning. our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> a man is dead following an officer involved shooting. what happened this afternoon? >> that 19 year-old was pronounced dead just after 7:00 p.m. this evening at the hospital. police say this all began over a bus transfer situation on the muni platform behind me for this said that a suspect was detained lead them on a foot chase for about one block.
9:30 pm
the police say they had no to his but to return fire. ticket to get some video shot earlier, it began around 4:44 p.m. this afternoon they said the suspect did i have his bus transfer and when he detain him, he took off into officers call him when the shots rang out. several officers responded immediately and the scene was take off, a lot of angry residents gathered in the area as the police did their investigation. her coming back alive, the police left this area about one hour ago so far no weapon has been found. again, a 19 year-old man is dead following an officer involved shooting in the bay view neighborhood. live is chances is so i'm aubrey aquino with kron4 news. >> the police continue to investigate the case of monaco, the 21 year old whose body was found burning on the street in oakland police believe that she was killed somewhere else, today we spoke with her family as a plan on raising money for her funeral. she shows us
9:31 pm
how they're trying to cope. >> this family continues to mourn the loss of their only child of friends and family stop by to pay respects. they say she was a wonderful daughter and mother of a two year-old son that she left behind. they say they're now scared to leave the house. her body was found on a quiet street around for 30 a.m. now they're pleading with the police to find whoever is responsible for this. >> just do the job. that is why one for the police to do their job. to find a person that did this. >> up monica's father is calling for the police detective the people in his community. he says i do not want this to happen to other
9:32 pm
parents, this is an injustice. i do not want this to happen again oakland. in the family has not set a date for her funeral, right now they're working on fund raising efforts to cover the costs and taking care of their two year-old grandson. >> there will be a car wash tomorrow to raise money for her funeral and to build a trust fund for two year-old son. the fund-raiser will go from of 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the east lake a ymca in oakland. casey anthony is not a free woman a woman of --and acquitted of charges she was the lead just minutes ago. people were upset and voiced their anger outside the jail where she was being held. we have darlene jones there to report. >> at one point about 50 people want and solidarity outside the wants county jail protesting against
9:33 pm
casey anthony is released holding anti-abortion cries. other protesters were holding signs demanding justice for cayley lashing out of jurors who decided that casey anthony was not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter. cindy still questions why any mother would not report their daughter missing for 31 days. >> if you love your children you love them more than you love yourself so that is what i cannot understand. [music] >> so far we have only seen a handful people come out in support including one man with a guitar singing a song they he wrote about her. >> you may be the one of the only few support her. >> i do not support her actions but i do support the judicial system. >> but they had to remind some to stay behind the barricades that were set up for security reasons. >> i think the majority of the public is very upset.
9:34 pm
>> meanwhile anthony was convicted of four counts for misleading the investigators were attorneys plan on appealing those convictions. >> in the to this beautiful shot just a few moments ago of the sun set. we have the low clouds pushing into the bay for tonight. they're already out towards livermore. so, we have a grey scarf for tomorrow morning the fog will take its time to clear it may not be until the early afternoon until we see the sun shining for san francisco. it will be a lot like what we saw today before the afternoon mostly sunny away from the coastline is breezy into the track on the cool side once again. temperatures in the '50s in most places and 40's into the north bay valley. through the day, the son tries to warm up, but with all of the fog and the sea breeze we do not warm up much at all. 60s by the bay,
9:35 pm
'70's in the south bay and east bay and north bay. the cooler weather will stick around for monday, it should clear up a little more quickly. low 80's at best inland. it stays clear towards tuesday and through the week a gradual warming trend towards the end of the week and next weekend we may see some upper 80s and low 90s i will let you know when that is going to happen. >> you can experience this drew an artist eyes, an apocalypse they have and are walk called make an effort. it has a new mixed media pieces by a local artist named david young. it is the theoretical post apocalyptic los angeles. that run through july 30th. the al qaeda leader headed out for the president we will show you been lauded hit lists. and the victim of
9:36 pm
one man's bullet and bears the court to spare the man from execution we have that up next. we will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run america has talent followed by law and order criminal intent and then kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is monday on kron4.
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>> of documents recovered from osama bin laden campout shows that he was planning on attacking president obama. >> while hiding out osama bin laden was hacking out a new nightmare scenario he did not as want to strike the united states on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks he also wanted to kill the president. documents seized from the compound shows that he was planning on shooting down air force one while
9:40 pm
president obama was traveling overseas however the official was adamant that there is no specific assassination plot uncovered, been lot and was just brainstorming ideas. but the defense secretary leon panetta that commanded the osama bin laden raid while heading the cia said that osama bin laden was more very dangerous. >> at one time he was an inspirational leader but not the guy that was managing operations and we found out when we went into that compound was in fact that he was someone that was operating on an operational basis. >> of the u.s. commander was also mentioned in the court documents as a potential to be shot down while he traveled a spokesman for general pretorius declined to comment. the focus now is to keep attacking al qaeda. >> now is the moment
9:41 pm
following what happened with osama bin laden to put maximum pressure on them because i do believe if we continue this effort, we can really cripple al qaeda as a threat to this country. >> the u.s. believes that al qaeda remains focused on high-profile attacks and would like nothing better to bring them to bring down-- then to bring down the u.s. aircraft. what was almost killed before any of his plans to go any further. >> the world's thinnest smart phone with the slide out keyboard is on the market coming up we will test out the new list droid.
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>> and national news, a bridge collapsed and the real a freight train in minnesota it happen after roche wash out and rain swept away the tax foundation the car spilled
9:45 pm
over and spilled diesel fuel. a beazer the only crew members aboard and the return to the hospital with minor injuries. an old auditorium in michigan crash to the ground as well as a witness that video of the accident as it happened the machine was taking down a large section of the building when it toppled over creating clouds of dust and debris. a change from the building flu and damage to nearby police cars in the process the man operating the strapped into a seat and emerge with just a few scratches no one else was hurt. it deadly plane crash in michigan a small jet went down in the northern part of the state killing the pilot who was the only person on board the plane was registered to a local owner, his name was not released we're not clear what caused the crash. now nato is preparing to hand over security to afghanistan's forces. this is video of general david pretoria's was also heading
9:46 pm
for a new challenge, he got the top job at the central command this month. he will start his new job as head of the cia in september. the u.s. women's soccer team is gearing up for the world cup final against japan this is the team practicing in germany today. they have already beaten japan's wide this year. the last time team usa were --women won the world cup was back in 1999 this will be their third world cup if they win. now melissa reports. or >> please, do the right thing saving human life please. >> from the steps of the travis county courthouse ray date for mercy, not for him but for mark out a death row inmate who shot him in 2001 leaving him partially blind. >> please, listen to my
9:47 pm
request and lower his punishment from death to life in prison. >> he was convicted of killing an islamic man following the september 11th a tax the they also say that he killed a second man and shot right. all of the victims were from india and pakistan. >> september 11th not only did a horrible thing to people in the u.s. would all over the world. and this is a time that we should take a moment for humanity. >> he is scheduled to die at july 28th in a last effort to stop the execution he is suing the governor and other state officials he says that perry has violated his rights by ignoring requests to meet with him for mediation. >> i think they he should be able to live. >> there is a lesson of forgiveness after i have tried to take his life he tried to save my life and
9:48 pm
that speaks of law. >> in an interview he says he's a changed man and apologizes for the pain that his cause. but the other says yes forgiven his attacker years ago. >> here is the golden gate bridge live right now the temperatures are in the '50s and '60s ocean beach at 56, navato 63 degrees. here we have some cool temperatures on the way for tomorrow, once again this the future forecast, there are the colors on the map. '70s for some spots particularly the 80's and 90's the time of year it will be cooler with temperatures into the '70s for the next few days but that is not too bad. a lot of sunshine, a beautiful view from today. the winds will be gusty, possibly 30 mi. per hour maybe even as strong as 50 mi. per hour over the higher elevations.
9:49 pm
here is the fog tracker at midnight. the big story will be the of fog it will be with us in the morning and through much of the morning. it will take a while to clear out. because the stick around so long as that means cooler temperatures. it is also into the inland valleys already and then for tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m., a sense of low clouds make for a great start in the morning. and then it will slowly clear a way through the course of the day, by 10:00 a.m. still some fog. eventually this hills back around midday. then perhaps some clearing at the beaches tomorrow afternoon with a little sunshine. so looks as though the clouds may fade away a little more quickly than we had today. temperatures about the same as today and into the '70s for the north bay. upper 50s the low '60's at the coast. low '70s for
9:50 pm
redwood city and palo alto will be in the '60s for richmond. up to 74 union city. they're even some clouds in the east bay valley. those clouds clearing away midmorning highs only into the mid to upper '70's. low to mid '70s for the south bay. 77 morgan hill and los gatos. here is the seven day around the bay. this cool weather will stick around for some time. will give the air conditioning a break through midweek. why is only in the upper 60s and low '70s by the bay. the upper '70's and low 80's inland. then things start to walk towards the end of the week. perhaps the '90s by next weekend. >> san for cisco has been trying to fight the new roads and at ocean beach. this week the california coastal commission rejected these efforts even though the city says that they are vital to protecting nearby
9:51 pm
pipe lines and pumps. critics say that the work is doing more harm than good. this is the extent of the damage. >> it is pretty easy to see how that the erosion is near this section. this parking lot is being slowly eaten away by the erosion. a closer look and you could see part of the asphalt has fallen off. it barrier has been put up keep those away from the cliff and to keep cars from park your and accidently driving over the cliff. these benches are fenced off because they're too dangerous now than a portion is sticking out over the cliff. everywhere you look you can see water and drain pipes poking out the city of san francisco has put in erosion prevention measures like these concrete block on the beach, this week the california coastal commission rejected the measures and said they need to come up with a long-term plan. this city says that the measures are needed to protect nearby utility palms and power lines.
9:52 pm
>> this is a the new droid3 the world's thinnest keyboard smart phone it hits the market tomorrow i am gabe slate and i'll give you a sneak peek coming up and my tech report. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> this is the droid3 smart phone the heads of the market tomorrow. this verizon phone keeps the slide out phone feature that the droid 1 and 2 have. if you like typing on real buttons, this is the phone to have. and this is the best yet. here it is compared to the droid 2 in my left hand. as you can see the new one has a bigger screen. iraq is 4 in.. and the keyboard has been
9:56 pm
redesigned and much better. it's a lot bigger and more comfortable type on. i really like the feel of this keyboard. it is the thinnest smart phone with a slight out keyboard on the market. so it has a bigger screen and bigger keyboard but it is not any heavier, it felt good in my hand. the droid 3 has a bigger camera. it has a front facing one for video chatting. it's bmi output as well. here runs greek and droid--it runs androoid applications. now this phone is only three gni for jeep. right it does make it cheaper. asked verizon about
9:57 pm
this and they said that there is still a need for 3g phones. so this is a 3g raton on the market tomorrow for $200 with a two-year contract. >> it normally is about 20 degrees warmer is in the low '70s. >> this the hot time of the year is should be about nine the inland, but today low to mid '70's. >> the ear looked pretty clean. >> it is just too much fog the morning, cool sea breeze in the afternoon and we will see that tomorrow and for the next several days. highs only in the mid-70s. 74 san jose and the '60s for cedras is gone oakland. pirelli does not warm-up inland that much of all the way through next wednesday the same for the bay. finally by the end of next week if you like it hot, we have some heat coming maybe 90's by next friday and saturday. >> some like it hot. that
9:58 pm
is it for us will be back at 11:00 p.m. i hope to see you then. t)t) it's your car.
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